Must Watch: Nollywood Actor And Pastor Jimmy Odukoya Gives to People in A Unique Way to Celebrate Christmas

Nollywood actor, Jimmy Odukoya decided to give back to society in a unique way ahead of the Christmas celebration.

In a way of showing kindness, the pastor did a social experiment of showing people what kindness look like from someone helping another person in need, especially during the season.

To achieve his experiment, Jimmy, who is also AMVCA nominated actor, decided to dress like a homeless person, which was achieved with special effect make up, to see who would be kind to him. He went to SPAR to buy water and bread, approaching a few costumers to help him pay for what he had ordered being a homeless person who pretended not to have money.

During this process, Jimmy met with the ones that did not even answer him, while some run away from him. He also met with the ones that shouted at him and the ones that were willing to help but doesn’t have enough. But what’s interesting is that some people didn’t even take their time to look at him and recognised the actor and pastor.

I don’t want the cat to be out of the bag, please watch the video below on how kindness should be expressed to other persons. This has gotten many people to cry at the level of display and reactions some homeless people face in the country and the world generally.

Merry Christmas in advance to you all.

Jimmy is also a musician, relationship coach, motivational speaker and a consultant.

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