“ My boyfriend dumped me because I stopped giving him money” Big brother Naija star Uriel

Ureil was on Big brother Naija TV show and she became famous from the show. She said that she used to have a boyfriend who would always ask her for money. 

She called him broke and she said that he left her after she stopped giving him money. Uriel is now a singer and a chef on a big television network in Nigeria. She also claimed that the same guy tried to return to her after she became famous. See her Uriel bb Naija’s Instagram story below. 

Ureil but her broke ex boyfriend on blast …

Uriels new man is below, we are not sure if she is still in a relation with him but she posted this on her Instagram page a while ago.

”I am sprung from Lagos to my village and back I can not front, this man has made me laugh all day my belly hurts, I feel 16 again, he has got me locked from the first sight of him does he know this, this can not be lust, this definitely feels like love  mother i have a man finally can you hear me. “ – Ureil

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