My Mom Supported Me Being A Girl – Bobrisky

Popular Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okuneye also known as Bobrisky has revealed that his mum supported his cross-dressing nature before she died.

Bobrisky, who came into limelight as the first prominent Nigerian cross dresser revealed this in a live video session on Instagram. Bobrisky went on a live question and answer segment where he also talked about his family and journey as a “male Barbie”.

During the live video, the cross dresser told his fans that he had always been interested in girls stuff. He said he watched his mom closely and learned a lot from her. He further revealed that before she passed away, he told his mum about his desire to be a woman. And according to him, she supported and encouraged him.

She told him to be true to his nature and that she’d never judge him.

Okuneye also revealed that he is 28 years old and the last child from a polygamous home. Bobrisky has recently come under fire from the Federal government for his cross-dressing nature.

Watch the live video below:

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