Naira Marley To Appear In Court For Stealing A Car – I Own A Benz, Porsche And Bently Naira Denies Allegations And Wants To Be Nigeria’s Next President

Azeez Fashola popular as Naira Marley has been charged to court for stealing a car, he is to appear in court on the 21st of December.

This is currently a trending news on all social media. But now the singer however denies all allegations leveled against him, saying that why will he steal a Camry car?. When he has several cars in his garage, like Porsche, Bentley and even a Benz.

Naira Marley then reveals that he needs to post his cars so that everyone can know how rich he is.

Moreover, it is obviously a misconception because the report says Adeyemi Fashola A.K.A Naira Marley, But his name is not Adeyemi but his name his Azeez Fashola.

The King of Marlians is not worried about the court hearing because he sees this as another unpaid publicity. Naira Marley says it another free promo.

Same way the EFFC made him very popular when they arrested him for being an internet fraudster.

After he left their detention, he became very popular and every one wants to be a Marlian.

With this free publicity Naira Narley has decided to be the next president in Nigeria. He says if anyone spoils his name from now till tomorrow he will still be the next president in Nigeria.

Furthermore he compares himself with politicians, freedom fighters and even presidents like: Fela Kuti, Mko Abiola, Nelson Mandela, Marthin Luther King, and President Kennedy.

Naira Marley says he has similar traits with them and the only difference between them is that the above mentioned are dead, but he is still alive. Now he is trending on Twitter.

What do you expect his fans are crazy about him, they however tweet severally that, Naira’s new court case is a step to the presidential seat.

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