Nairamarley is still being held in Ikoyi prison

New update from Nairamarley’s management made it clear to Nigeriatunes that Nairamarley is still in Ikoyi prison. Although he was granted bail, he has to meet the court’s requirements before he could be released from jail.

Nairamarley’s bail term requirements

Justice Nicholas I Oweibo asked Nairmarley and his camp for the sum of N2m and two sureties.

According to the court’s requirements, One of the sureties must be on Grade Level 10 in the Federal or state employment. The other surety must have a landed property within the court’s jurisdiction. The judge directed EFCC to verify the bail terms.

The trial was adjourned to 22, 23 and 24 of October 2019, for accelerated hearing. He’s expected to be released later today.

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