File photo of Naira Marley in court

Nairamarley promised to help fellow inmates in an effort to fight injustice

Nairamarley was incarcerated briefly following fraud and money laundering charges. He was in jail for over a month until his bail was met; he is out on bail and he is expected to be back in court soon to face charges relating to financial fraud.

While in jail, he met people who complained of being unfairly treated by the Nigeria government and he promised to help them out.

“I have to help a lot of n*ggas in jail. I met one guy, he has been in jail for 9 years but never been to court. As in, they haven’t even found him guilty yet. What if he is not even guilty?” Nairamarley wrote 2 days after he left jail.

“I met another n*gga in jail, he’s been in jail for over 2 years because he is in a relationship with one rich woman’s daughter and the woman locked him up for not leaving her daughter”, he added.

Lastly, he said, ” I can’t change Nigeria, but together we can”. Nairamarley vows to help other prisoners but he is still facing charges that can send him to jail for over 5 years if convicted.

Nairamarley to Yahoo boys ” You owe me money, I did times in jail for you guys”

He said he went to jail for all Marlians (the name he gave Nairmarley fans) and Yahoo boys ( Internet fraudsters). Nairamarley said that he went to jail for all the people that are doing internet fraud and it’s time for them to pay up.

Like I was saying, all of you Yahoo boys owe me money. You owe me money. Am I a yahoo boy? I did time in jail for you guys. Anyways I love you guys and I will be right back” He said in a video.

The embattled Afrobeat rapper made the statement on Instagram live video. His case is still pending the court’s decision and he is probably violating his bail condition for affiliating himself with fraudsters.

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