Nairamarley responded to Simi’s rants about Yahoo boys and lands in Jail on his birthday

Nairmarley’s real name is Afeez Fashola; the EFCC and the Nigeria police arrested him on his birthday and he is being questioned in connection to a series of crimes.  

Nairamarley has been on the news for a long time following his public support for Nigerian financial fraudsters (Yahoo Yahoo) after Simi publicly rebuked them.

 The issues started when Nigerian singer Simi travelled to America and came back with a passionate hate for Yahoo boys.   

She came back to Nigeria and went on a rant about Yahoo boys,  “they are laughing at us. They are laughing at us. I am repeating it because I have seen it. Do you know how many Nigerians going to business meetings or just to get the smallest opportunity for themselves to make it and they leave with nothing because they are Nigerian, that’s the only excuse they get. Sorry, we cannot work with Nigerians. Common guys, you don’t have to like me, you don’t have to listen to my music, you don’t have to send me, but you see, I am not the enemy. I can easily sit down and pretend that nothing is wrong and just make money, smile, cheers blah blah, but the thing is, I care too much, if I didn’t give a sh*t, I wouldn’t say anything. I’ve had friends that have done Yahoo. I’ve had friends that have thought about it”, she said in her post. 

She also demanded that anyone that is involved in fraud should stop listening to her music.   

Nairamarley reacted to Simi’s statement by throwing his full support behind Nigerian fraudsters.  He said: “All you guys, all the money in your pockets, all the money you spend, you think it’s the government that is making the money go round? You better sit down and pray for yahoo boys. If them stop yahoo, the money would not pass you guys. “The money will go like this, from Obasanjo to Tinubu, from Tinubu to Mr. Japa, you think me I need Yahoo? I make money from my music.”  

Nairamarley followed up with the release of a song title “ Am I A Yahoo Boy”, the song did not directly praise Yahoo boy and it did not condemn it either.  The song is about fun, making money and getting compared to Yahoo Boys.

MUSIC VIDEO: Naira Marley X Zlatan – Am I A Yahoo Boy

Am I A Yahoo Boy single was released few weeks ago but the music video was dropped yesterday.  

The EFCC raided Zaltan Ibile’s home in Lekki and arrested Afeez Fashola ( Naira Marley) and Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael ( Zlatan), along with 3 other people; Tiamiu Abdulrahman Kayode, Adewunmi Adeyanju Moses, and Abubakar Musa.

They were taken to custody in connection with Internet fraud crimes and money laundering. The intelligence report also linked them to cybercrime.

The EFCC officials from the Lagos Zonal office made the arrest on Friday May 10, 2019, at 9 Gbangbola Street, Ikate, Lekki, Lagos. The EFCC spokesperson via Instagram page reported that the officials collected their Laptops and other items during the raid.  EFCC’s social media page also reported that Zlatan, Nairamarley and their associates gave them useful information about other people. 

They were arrested and questioned but Nigeriatunes is cannot confirm their release from jail at this time. May 10, 2019, is Nairamarley’s birthday; he was arrested on his birthday. 

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