Father takes his “wanted son” to the police and witness the death of his son by beatings of the police.

The deceased

A Kano State resident, Nasiru Madobi handed over his son Abdulkadir Nasiru to the police for questioning. Which resulted to the death of the 26-year-old boy. After four policemen beat him for involving in a gang fight.

However, the police has gone in search of Abdulkadir at his residence over the case but did not find him.

Moreover, Nasiru Madobi the Father, took his son to the police station when he arrived, as a law-abiding citizen.

According to the father of the deceased,
“A quarrel ensued when a policeman started slapping and beating him in my presence, after an argument. When another officer joined the quarrel to beat him, he started retaliating,” he said.

He also said that, three more policemen pick up sticks to beat his son to a pulp. “I walked away. As i could not stand the pain, of seeing my son, beaten on a simple matter that can be resolved, among parents”. He said. Madobi added that when he got home, he sent his eldest son to plead with the police.

Consequently, the elder brother of the deceased, Ahmed Nasiru, said the policemen ignored his plea and kept on beating his brother. Until he fell down unconscious, with his mouth foaming.

Subsequently, he paid N8,000 before to carry his unconscious brother to the hospital. The doctors declared him dead.

This incident has made the Kano resident, Nasiru Madobi cry out, for justice over the death of his son.

Meanwhile, the four policemen has been arrested over the case. The spokesman for Kano Police Command, Abdullahi Kiyawa, confirmed the incident.

Concluding that justice will prevail. The homicide unit, of criminal investigation department has received the case.

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