Netflix insists on Continuous Streaming of Gay Jesus Movie, Appeals Judgement that Bans It

Artwork of  The First Temptation of Christ, being streamed by Netflix
Artwork of The First Temptation of Christ, being streamed by Netflix

Netflix is ready to fight it out over the gay Jesus movie entitled “The First Temptation of Christ” that a court in Brazil ordered the American media-services provider and production company to stop streaming on its platform.

The movie is produced by Brazilian production company Porta dos Fundos and released on December 3, 2019. It portrays Jesus as a young man who was returning home with his boyfriend Orlando after 40 days in the desert. Mary his mother and Joseph his father plan a surprise party for his 30th birthday. Despite how funny it is, it didn’t go down well to most Christians in Brazil where the movie was produced.

Nigeriatunes reported on Thursday that a judge in Rio de Janeiro, Benedicto Abicair ruled on Wednesday that the Christmas special should be stopped. The ruling came weeks after a Brazilian Catholic organisation issued a petition stating that the movie had hurt the “honour of millions of Catholics”.

However, Netflix continued to stream the satirical comedy a day after the judgement. The company filed an appeal to Brazil’s highest court on Thursday to overturn the judge Abicair’s judgment.

In a statement issued after the judgement, Porta dos Fundos said it “opposed any act of censorship, violence, illegality, authoritarianism” and vowed to continue circulating its work.

“We strongly support artistic expression and we will fight to defend this important principle, which is the heart of great stories,” a spokesperson of Netflix told AFP.

The release of the movie has heightened political tension in Rio de Janeiro. On Christmas Eve, some group of irate youths attacked the studio where the movie was produced but no life was lost. The heightened tension caused by the movie was one of the cases judge Abicair cited in his judgment.

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