New Zealand mosque shooting left 49 dead and many fighting for their live -Video

The shooting happened in two locations, the AL Noor mosque and Linwood mosque. The attack was executed by an extremist rightwing violent terrorist. 4 suspects were arrested and the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison confirmed that the shooter was an Australian citizen. 

A man drove near a mosque and packed by side of the building to prepare before he walked up to massacre many worshippers in the nearby mosque in Christchurch town. 

The man responsible for the shooting wrote a statement to express his views on white genocide and his plan to create fear in the heart of Muslims in his hometown. The suspect’s name is Brenton Tarrant, he is a 28 years old man born in Australia.   

The Guardian reported that he wrote a 74-page document. He called it the great replacement; it’s about a rant about white genocides, list of various aims and his plan to create fear among Muslims. The documents stated that Brenton had contact with the Norwegian mass murderer Ander Breivik and that Breivick gave him his blessing to go ahead with the attack. 

Ander Breivik was the Norwegian extremist who murdered 77 people in 2011; he is in jail serving 21 years in prison.  21 years was the maximum prison sentence allowed in Scandinavian country. 

Christchurch shooting notable facts

  • 49 people have been killed in the shooting at two mosques in New Zealand city of Christchurch
  • 41 people died at the AL Noor Mosque and 7 in Linwood mosque
  • The shooting took place in two location but only one person identified himself as a suspect 
  • He will appear in court on Saturday morning New Zealand local time
  • Christchurch hospital is treating 48 people, injuries range from critical to minor 
  • Two other people were arrested at the scene with guns.
  • A total of 4 people were arrested, the 4thperson may have nothing to do with the shooting says New Zealand police commissioner Mike Bush. 

Watch the video below, viewer discretion strongly advised.

Click here to watch New Zealand Christchurch shooting video

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