Neymar shows up at the police station in a wheelchair, he is been questioned in connection to Paris hotel rape allegation.

Nigeiatunes reported that a woman who claimed that Neymar forced himself on her accused Neymar of rape and she want a lot of money from him.  Neymar publicly denied the allegation and he released a video of his conversations with the lady.   Multiple sources told Nigeriatunes that the accuser has dropped the case, but ed Neymar.  

He arrived in court in a wheelchair with his lawyers. 3 men escorted him into the police station and he is expected to plead not guilty if the case goes to court.

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Neymar accused of Rape

Mastercard suspended Neymar’s sponsorship deal following rape case

According to the newspaper, O Estado de S Paulo Mastercard said in a statement it was suspending its use of the 27-year-old Paris Saint Germain striker until the situation had been “cleared up”.

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