Nice considering sacking Diaby-Fadiga for stealing £62,000 wristwatch belonging to Kasper Dolberg

Nice striker, Lamine Diaby-Fadiga is the man in question when a watch belonging to a fellow team went missing. According to reports, Kasper Dolberg, 21,  brought an expensive wristwatch to work but it disappeared and Diaby Fadiga was accused of the stealing the watch.

Kasper went to the police station to report the incident and named Diaby Fadiga as the suspect. After extensive investigation, Diaby confessed to stealing the watch and he is now facing disciplinary actions that can see him kicked out of the Nice football club.

Kasper Dolberg has his £62,000 watch stolen by his teamate.

Diaby Fadiga is a teen footballer who recently signed an £18m deal with Nice over the summer. People familiar with the case said he apologised and asked for forgiveness.

He apologised to Dolberg, his teammates, as well as Nice boss Patrick Vieira. L’Equipe news said.

However, a disciplinary team is looking into handling him a deserving punishment. He is also facing the possibility of getting sacked from the team.


Diaby-Fadiga started his football career at Nice’s football academy and his coaches described him as a rising star. He joined Nice at age 13, making his professional debut three years later.

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