Nicki Minaj is married? She took her boyfriend’s last name, Mrs Petty

The American Singer is living her best life and this year is her loudest year ever. She isn’t holding back on her feeling for anyone, she calls people out as she desires and she careless.

Nigeriatunes reported that she planned to marry within the next 80 and it appears that she has done that. Her last name has changed to her boyfriend’s last name.

She followed up the name change with a warning tweet for whoever disrespect her.

Here is what she wrote, see the tweet below.

The media has turned to her since she indirectly proposed to her man saying ” I will get married to him before 80 days deadline. We have the marriage certificate already”. Every decision she made confirms that she is serious with her plan to marry her high school friend turned boyfriend.

Also, she felt like the Breakfast Club radio show doesn’t like her but they always talk about her. So she addressed that too.

See her tweet below.

It’s safe to assume that Nicki Minaj may have had a secret wedding since she said it’s a must she gets married soon. Her last name has changed on twitter but her legal last name is yet to change.

Also, she did not discuss changing her last name yet but she said she is ready for marriage and all the good things that come with it.

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