Nigeria Amputee football team chattered van crashed on their way to Abuja to process their visa to Mexico 

A bus carrying the Amputee players and some officials was involved in a car crash on October 15, 2018. The car was in the ditch until the Nigerian Army came to help them.   According to new development, the team was heading to the Mexican embassy in Abuja to attend a visa interview invite by the Mexico Consulate.

“We were on the way to Abuja for visa application when the ghastly motor accident along the Lokoja – Abuja expressway occurred, Although no life was lost, many of the players sustained minor injuries,”  – Team Captain Goodluck Obieze aka Special Eagles.


There were no life threatening injuries except for minor injuries, the players are fine, they will be able to make the interview and they are all expected to make it to Mexico for the Amputee Football World Cup.

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