Nigeria Election Result update. Saturday, February 16 2019 Nigerian general election.

Breaking news : INEC has postponed Nigeria presidential election. New date to be announced soon. This is an official word from our sources.

Looking for news about Nigeria 2019 presidential election ? . You are at the right place. We will bring you updates about the election in real time.

What we will cover

  1. Presidial election results from State to state.

2. Live stream of the update from our partner television station.

3. Break News from state

4. Update on the Candidates and another related news.

How many people registered to vote in Nigeria ?

See the Answer below

84004084 people register to vote in Nigeria and 91 political parties were registered as of Feb 15, 2019.

20 hours left till Election time in Nigeria

Nigeria 2019 Presidential Candidates

Source : INEC

A total of 146 people will be on Nigeria presidential ballot tomorrow. The names are not in Alphabetical order. As a result, voters will have to take longer in finding their candidates. And this may affect the effectiveness of the voting method.

Picture of Nigeria presidential voting form /Ballot paper

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