Nigeria man arrested in USA for robbing 4 Banks in 3 weeks

A Nigerian United Nation journalist was arrested for robbing New York banks during his work lunch break.   His name is Abdullahi Shuaibu 53, he lives in Queens New York, he robbed 3 banks within 3 weeks, and one of the 3 robberies was unsuccessful. When he got to the bank, he showed the teller a noted that said, “ Give me $5,000, Thank you, but he never let go of the note. From 3 trips to rob different banks, he left with about $10,000 during this crime spree, his luck ran out when he tried to rob the HSBC branch at third Avenue and East 63rd street in Manhattan NY. He was caught when a security guard that works across the street from the United Nation building Identified Shuaibu as the wanted man after seeing the surveillance camera images. Shuaibu confessed after arrest that he spend the money on bills.

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