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 Nigeriatunes is the leader when it comes to bringing Nigeria music to all music fans worldwide; the website was founded few years ago and it has now grown enormously. Nigeriatunes specialize in bringing Nigeria music industry to the world. The goals of Nigeriatunes are; to promote young/unsigned Nigerian music artists, promote Africa songs, and provide a platform that music fans can go to when they want to watch Nigeria music video, and also to organize and revamp Nigeria songs by making it conveniently accessible to music fans.   Nigeritunes platform serves as the home for Nigeria music videos, it is the website to go to for all genres of music, and it is a place for new artist to flourish and showcase their work.


How Nigeria music artists benefit from posting their video on Nigeriatunes

Nigeriatunes have millions of targeted regular monthly users, artist will get the most exposure directly to music fans worldwide if they post their work on Nigeriatunes, and they would also enjoy unlimited access to millions of unique users all over the world. Most videos that Nigerian artist post on YouTube usually get buried under piles of other videos that roll into YouTube daily, as a result Musician’s hard work become unnoticed and their goal to reaching fame and their ambition suffers.

 Nigerian musicians are very talented, they spend hours in studio to make beautiful music, they pay thousands in dollars to music video directors but most of them don’t get the chance enjoy the reward of the time and money invested in their music career, because their music video or their song don’t get discovered on YouTube as it should.   Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily, therefore a new Nigeria song video can easily get lost, most of it will get very few or no views in a week; this is a huge disadvantage for people looking to build a music career.  But if a musician posts their video on Nigeiatunes, they get the chance to put their work in front of thousands of our daily users.

Benefits of posting on Nigeriatunes

*Targeted Audience

*Constant connection with fans and other musicians

*Record label can discover you

*Create fan base

*Constant views

*Direct benefit of using Nigeiatunes to host your video

*Brand building

*Nigeria music networking

*Show promoters will notice and possible contact you for shows


How Nigeriatune works

Send your video to [email protected] and the video will be posted as soon as possible. If you need urgent posting, you should message us on Instagram immediately after you have emailed your video.

Video submission requirement 

Please include the following information in your submission

  • Artist name
  • Song title
  • A  unique bio or right up about the song and the artist
  • YouTube link of the song or send the song in MP4 format
  • Artwork for the album or the single


    Once you do the above, we will take care of the rest.

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