Nigeria police arrest 3 offices in connection to Kolade Johnson’s death

Nigeriantunes reported that a stray bullet hit Kolade Johnson while he was watching football and the Nigeria police has followed up with the case. A bullet from a SARS officer’s gun hit him while he was watching football and he died on his way to the hospital. The young man was carelessly killed by SARS at Mangoro bus stop.

A police patrol team came into Mangoro neighborhood to arrest anyone who dresses flashy or wear dreadlocks. The anti robbery squad officer arrested 12 innocent men without proof that they broke the law.  They also discharged their gun during the arrest and the stray bullet killed Kolade Johnson, says someone familiar with the case.  

The incident sparked public outrage leading to riots and social media protests.  People used the opportunity to push the ‘EndSArs’ movement. The ‘ENDSARS’ movement is focused on bringing police force to justice for harassment, carless killings and extortions.  

“Three police officers have been arrested now in Lagos for the trouble they have caused the man’s family and Nigeria as a whole,” the police Chief spokes person

“An orderly room trial will be conducted against the officers, and, if found guilty, they will be summarily discharged from the police and charged to court for murder,” the officer said.  

“We have learnt at the Force Headquarters that the officers might be more than three, and we have given the police commissioner in Lagos a strict instruction to make sure that all those involved are identified, and punished, no matter their ranks,” the officer added. 

Pictures are not available to confirm the arrests but it’s learnt that the offenders were arrested. 

Here is the video of Johnson Kolade when he was shot.

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