Nigeria radio OAP at 90.1 FM blasts Comedian Woli Agba

OAP Adeshina Okikiola of Space FM 90.1 Ibadan Oyo state blasts Comedian Woli AGBA for shunning him after he helped him to become popular. 

He claimed that he promoted Woli Agba for free when he started his career as a comedian. He is upset because he invited Woli AGba back to his show and he is now forming celebrity status for him. 

He sent a strong message to Woli Agba. “ I need to let Woli AGBA understand something that no matter how blown he is, he will still bow down to all OAPs in the world. “  –  OAP at 90.1 FM Ibadan. 

“That’s why we always charge correct amount, if you say you want to make us to promote you”.  He added.

“ I can remember I featured him on my popular Sunday Radio Show #Igbadunlawa on the 23rdof April 2017. Where he promoted 1PM for free.  He had less than 20 followers before the promotion. And after the program that Sunday Evening his followers was boosted beyond expectations. He’s blown a little now and we invited him back to the radio station, the fool ( Ayo Ajewole) started to form celebrity.  

Woli Agba became popular by making funning videos about pastors and the church. He has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram.  

The is the OAP that blast him

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