Nigeria singer Tekno is unable to sing due to damaged voice box

Tekno’s career came to an alt due to damaged voice box. His record label manager released a statement saying that Tekno is dealing with a huge setback in his career due to voice problems.

Tekno also confirmed the report with the post below.


Tekno is very talented, he can sing, he can play various kind music of instruments, he is a producer, he acts, he speaks multiple languages and he is also as songwriter.   His  passion is singing and he loves to perform for his fans. His damaged vocal box serves a huge a blow to his career and his income.  Not many artists can bounce back from this kind of condition. But those that took their time to treat it or those that undergo vocal repair surgery have been able to snap back better than ever .

How vocal cords work.

The video above shows how a vocal cord works, check it out and learn more about how you can protect your vocal cord.

Here is the message that his Management released to the public.


Damage voice box  or Vocal cord can be repaired surgically.

List of other artist that went through vocal cord repair.

John Mayer


Rod Stewart


Adele     (Vocal Cord was surgically repaired)


R-Kelly   (Had emergency surgery to repair his vocal cord and he had access drained from his tonsils)


Julie Andrews


Sam Smith 

It’s not uncommon for singers to have damaged vocal box/vocal cord, this type of problem is also called overhanging disease. Most artists that take their time to get help do recover from this setback. R-kelly and Adele are very good example of outstanding musician who had vocal cord issues, had it repaired and bounced back better than they were.   Tekno is in the soma condition, his doctors are in America and we expect him to fully recover. His shows are all cancelled and he will not be releasing any new song until further notice.

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