Angela Okorie Finally Shows Bullet Wounds On Her Head And Thanks God For Saving Her

Nigerian actress Angela Okorie who was earlier reported to have been shot several times by gunmen has finally shared a video of her condition.

She said 10 pellets of bullet was removed from her head and two was removed from her eyes. She had to shave her hair.

Yesterday, Sunday the Nigerian actress Angela Okorie was in the studio with some well wishers singing praises to God for preserving her life and she will forever remain grateful.

Angela has made quite a number of people believe in miracles. After been sprayed bullets by gunmen for over 30minutes none stop.

The actress and singer said no one came to their rescue, those gunmen are not armed robbers, they are hired assassin. Angela revealed that initially, they wanted to whisk her away but she and her crew refused to open the door.

That is why the assassins started shooting at her car for 30minutes. It is so amazing to see her survive such an attack.

Nonetheless, she says she will be fine in just one week, frankly speaking, her condition is quite critical.

See Angela Okorie’s condition

She is indeed a very woman, well wishes are all over social media. She even dropped a number in case anyone wants to call to check up on her. She is thankful for God’s protection.

Noticeably, there has been no report on other crew members who were in the car with her. Probably she was the only one who secured an injury.

Her head and eyes is seriously damaged. Now where are those who said it was a publicity stunt initially, they are no where to be found. Majority have started apologising for their deeds.

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