Bobrisky flaunts his cars calling them babies

Nigerian cross dresser bobrisky recently flaunts his sweetBenz and 2019 range rovers when he took them to the car wash.

He said he bought his babies, as he fondly calls his cars this year without listening to people’s comment about him.

In the real sense he didn’t actually flaunt the cars, he only motivated his fans to do exploits regardless of negative comments.

The entertainer however wrote this:
“Brought my two babies for cleaning…. In life let no one tell you other wise. You own your decision. I purchase dis two wonderful cars dis yr.

I didn’t listen to haters insult,because I know wat I want for myself in life. Many of dis trolls insulting you today don’t even have a bicycle talk more own a 2019 Range Rover and a sweet Benz. If you are the type that, shy away from your success because someone will insult you…

You better drink more energy so you can always win your haters. Good evening”. see video below:

Those are the words of encouragement from the Snapchat Queen, not only is he controversial, he is also known for Savage words.

Bobrisky never fails to draw attention towards himself and his brand, he says he is more beautiful than 70% females. He said he needs new pants and bra, we hope he has successfully gotten the undies he requires.

Be it as it may, Idris okuneye is acquirinq success any way he can, he is in the entertainment industry to stay.

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