Nigerian gay, Yomi not happy with the backlash he got after he posted a picture of him and boyfriend kissing (Video)

United kingdom based Nigerian gay identified as Yomi seems not to be happy with the comments he got from Africans especially Nigerians after he posted a picture of him and his boyfriend kissing on Valentine’s day.

Yomi had posted a picture of himself and lover on Valentine’s day to celebrate their love and social acceptance after a couple of years of dating in secret. He explained through the post that for years he and boyfriend could not come out of their shells to reveal their through identity as gays.

In fact, the stereotypical pressure mounted on them had almost caused them to go separate and live in the shadow of who they are not, trying to seek love and acceptability in a place that their heart will never find one. However, things took a different turn after the both of them decided to come out of their shells by revealing their through identity to their families separately, they threw caution into the wind and to do away with what the society would say.

Interestingly, the happy gay lovers shared a picture of themselves online and share their successful love stories. Whereas, their sweet and touching love stories didn’t interest critics from Africa especially Nigerians as they all come out to roast the two gay partners.

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As it’s our third Val together, I thought I’d share how far we’ve come as two Gay Nigerian men in love……with the hope that some Queer kid reading from Africa or anywhere around the world can aspire to live free someday. . . I still remember how during our first Val in 2018, we were living secretly in love, couldn’t share our love with family or strangers as we cared so much about what people would say…which led us to prioritise the opinions of friends, families & strangers over our happiness. . . We felt strongly for each other but never saw us living openly in our true authentic selves even though we were based in a country that legalised homosexuality. It’s actually crazy saying this now but inorder to stop people from talking(and our families from asking too many questions), we almost gave into pressure & made plans to get married to women just to please everyone but ourselves. 😭 . This unfortunately is the sad reality of many LGBT Africans both in Africa and the West. . . Fast forward months later, I felt ready to live my truth, to share my story… I came out of the closet and started living free. A year later, he felt ready and came out to his family too…I was so shocked as we never spoke about it the day it happened. However that was an experience I could relate to…life just happens and you make some big decisions when you feel ready to. . . Coming out made him feel so happy and I was incredibly glad for him too…also, I was excited for the both of us and our future together. . . If someone told me years ago(when I was still laughing at homophobic jokes), I’ll be posting this picture today, I’d simply laugh at them and walk away. . I’m so grateful for our growth together as well as our privilege to be in a country where we can express ourselves and be US. . . Really want to send a message to every Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer African reading this to know that your feelings are valid, being who you are isn’t a sin and someday you too will have the opportunity to live your truth. . . . Sending lots of love & wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day❤️ . . . 📸: @blackinmotion . . #Selflove #Blacklove

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Trust the guts of Nigerians, they blasted the duo for being gays. Yomi who seems unhappy with the demeaning comments he got online has got this to say to naysayers.

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