Nigerian lady narrates her ugly experience with different hospitals where she rushed a dying man to in Abuja

A Nigerian woman identified as Blessing has taken to Facebook to share her bad experience with different hospitals in Abuja where she rushed a man that was hit by a car in Abuja on March 1st.

According to her, she took the injured man in her car after she caught the sight of people gather to behold the gory sight of a man drenched in the pool of his blood in Abuja last night. Blessing and the driver who hit the man rushed the injured man to the hospital for treatment.

See her post below:

However, Blessing met the shock of her life when they got to the hospital. The hospital they entered claimed they do not have a drip to administer to the injured man. While she was still very surprised at the shocking statement by the staff of the hospital, they rushed the victim to another hospital where the staff claimed that the hospital has been quarantined and the only doctor around refused to come out to attend to the accident victim.

They argued tirelessly with the hospital but all to no avail, in a bid to save the life of the poor victim, they rushed him to another hospital where luck finally smiled at them. The man was received and being treated, he’s currently responding to treatment.

Many Nigerians have died of circumstances that should not have killed them if only all our health sectors take priority in saving people’s life. There are so many people who have died because of the negligence of health workers. So many armed robber attack victims died simply because the hospital kept rejecting them if those who brought them could not provide a police report until the Lagos State government took a legal step against hospitals that refused to treat a dying victim first instead of demanding for a Police report.

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