Nigerian lady strips and assaults her friend for attempting to sleep with her boyfriend (video)

A new video of assault has found its way to the internet. In the video, a young lady was stripped naked by some group of ladies led by an unidentified lady who claimed that the victim was trying to snatch her man.

The video has generated a lot of reactions online. While many claimed that the ladies are students of Ambrose Alli University, some other tweeters claim they are Warri ladies.

A Tweeter with handle @trendydjtimic shared the video online, she wrote:

AAU school Mother beats and strip a school daughter’s naked for suspecting her of sleeping with her boyfriend. My twitter family please let’s RT this until something is been done urgently. So if u’re seeing this video in your timeline please RT

It was said that the boyfriend of the school mother asked the girl to come meet him in the village, that he would give her 100k as she arrives. When she got there. The school mother and her friends got a news and gathered themselves towards her location and she was caught

The handler that shared the video confirmed that they are Ambrose Alli University students. The culprits were said to be the school mother of the lady that was assaulted. She ganged up against her supposed school daughter after she got tips that she was going out with her fiance.

Meanwhile, another Tweeter has countered the claim that the ladies are students of Ambrose Alli University. He alleged that they are Warri girls. He commensurated his claim with a picture of the two ladies.

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