Nigerian lesbian advises others like her to stick to Nigerian girls alone after her Jamaican lover destroyed her £360 shoes out of anger (Video)

A Nigerian lesbian with Twitter handle @prettylikemuni has advised other lesbians like herself to stick Nigerian girls alone after her Jamaican girlfriend destroyed her shoes worth £360 out of anger.

The surprised lady took to Twitter to share the story, she uploaded a picture and video of the vandalized footwears, she explained that Jamaican girls are fouls.

She wrote:

Lol, I wasn’t joking. The bitch cut up my £360 shoes … what do I do about this guys.”

She, however, stated that the moral lesson of the story is to stay away from other girls from other Nation aside Nigeria. She advised that lesbians should stick to Nigerian girls alone because Jamaican girls are foul.

When she was asked if the Jamaican lady had done that out of anger probably because she was cheating on her, the Nigerian lady replied that that was not the case.

She explained that the angry Jamaican girl must have done that probably because that was not a relationship and it was not even close to becoming one. Furthermore, she added that the Jamaican lady heavily rain curses on her after she had destroyed the expensive shoes and also placed ‘juju’ on her.

See video below

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