Nigerian man dies after sex with prostitute (Video)

An unidentified Nigerian man has died in active service after he had a scintillating night with a prostitute. The deceased was found dead in the morning while the hooker was about leaving the hotel.

Meanwhile, the prior investigation revealed that some sex enhancement drugs were found at the scene of the incident and it was suggested that it was the deceased who used the sex enhancer before embarking on the relentless action.

Reasonably, the hooker simply identified as Precious was detained being the prime suspect, while she was speaking during an interrogation session she revealed that it was the deceased’s friend that invited her over to the lodging facility to come have a fun-filled business night with his friend. She disclosed that the man slept almost all through the night.

See video below:

He, however, woke up around 5 am which he had a round of sex after which he slept off again. Meanwhile, she revealed that she didn’t saw the man took the sex pills that were found in the room after the man was declared dead.

Recounting her experience, Precious said things became sour in the morning when she was set to leave the lodge. She called the deceased to give her the wages for her service but he kept still on the bed. At first, she thought he was trying to pretend probably he was trying not to pay her. However, she knew it was serious after he gave him a nudge and the man was still mute on the bed, it was that time she cried for help.


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