Nigerian Man dies while fighting to get his daughter back from the Italian government.

“I never believe ur death until now.. Sir u where more than a bro 2 me always .. I neva knew ur calling me twice 2 days back will b d last time i will hear from u complaining about ur daughter.. BABY JOE.. 2 me how she was forcefully adopted frm u by Italian government, will b our last discussion.. But bro no need 4 me 2 ask much questions because u ar no longer here 2 hear me but i promise u one thing bro.. BABY JOE.. WILL SURELY GO HOME BY FIRE BY FALSE….EXCEPT MY GOD IS DEAD.. because.. HIM ALONE KNOWS U DIED because OF UR DAUGHTER.. 4 DIS REASON.. BABY JOE.. MUST GO HOME…. U DON’T NEED REST BRO….WE NEED U 2 FIGHT 4 UR DAUGHTER.. SHE NEEDS 2 GO HOME BRO.. because I CAN’T TYPE REST 4 U BRO.. BABY JOE NEED U. WHAT A COUNTRY” – his friend posted this on FB.

According to his friend, it seems like the government took over the custody of his daughter by force. This usually happens if the government feels like the child is being abused or the child is not well taken care off. .
We are not sure which is the case and his friends are not giving detail of exact cause is death. .

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