Nigerian MC Lord of Ajasa seeks financial help to cure Ascites, ruptured Appendicitis and Ulcer.

“I got a message from his wife begging me to speak to his colleagues to save her husband. When I called Ajasa earlier today, he (Ajasa) confirmed that the story is true. Let’s all come together as fast as we can to help out as nothing is to small. Supporting him financially to stay alive is the best remedy than saying sorry, which we reject in JESUS name. Send your donation to his account details: 0015198342; Osaniyi Olusegun; GTB. GOD Bless us all.”

Lord of Ajasa was a great MC, a veteran, he was one of the early started of Nigeria hip hop.

Above is one of his songs, he made this song with 9ice and the song was a hit. He is currently battling stomach ulcer illness. He is currently receiving treatment at Ikorodu general hospital. He was diagnosed with peptic ulcer and his doctors are expected to perform an operation on him.

The operation will cost millions in Naira but Lord of Ajasa doesn’t have the money.

Segun Osaniyi, a.k.a. Lord of Ajasa was very popular in his prime, his wife and family are seeking help from his colleagues and the public to help fund his medical treatments.

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