Nigerian Naval officer on run after killing butcher in market

A member of the Nigerian Naval team is currently on the run after he allegedly killed a butcher man at Kara Market. The market is located between Lagos and Ogun states, along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

It was reported that a disagreement had ensued between the suspect and victim on Saturday. This led to a tongue battle between the military man and the butcher man. Reports revealed that out of anger, the Navy officer killed the butcher man.

Reasonably, it was not long before crowd started to gather which resulted in protest against the military man. It was also reported that the suspect fled the scene immediately to avoid lyching from angry mob.

Meanwhile, Police officers from Lagos and Ogun State command were dispatched to the crime scene to calm the situation.

One of the policemen who addressed the newsmen narrated that the military man had a misunderstanding with the butcher man and it almost resulted into a fracas between the two. This caused the naval officer to fire some rounds of ammunition to scare the butcher man away. Quoting the words of the policeman, “When the butcher did not budge, the officer then shot him and he died on the spot,”

Furthermore, the Ogun State Police Command has confirmed the incident through its spokesperson, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi. She disclosed that the deceased body has been deposited in the morning for autopsy. She went further that she had not been given in-depth details about the incident yet. She said, “It was one of the naval officers posted to Kara who was involved in the shooting. I have not been fully briefed on the incident. We are investigating to know the identities of those naval men.”

However, the incident and identity of the Navy officer had not been confirmed by the Naval authority.

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