Nigerian pornstar TBlakhoc was beaten badly by the police

Tblakhoc is a popular porn star and he makes his money from porn. He accused the Nigeria police of physical assault. He claimed that he was beaten because they thought he was a Yahoo boy.

“ My friend brother head. All by the police lol and they wonder why I started beating all of them. In a cell still put tear gas all cause I bought a clean M35 “ – Blak Hoc

“Police staff .. handcuffs pulled wrist outa cell door and they like 10 police game 250 strokes of their staffs on ma hands. Painful when you can’t call me yahoo boy .. lol that I bought a small car with my own hard earned money My Naija smh. Still want to beat him on top of it so he called me lol because we reported NURTW .. I guess the chairman knew me or whatever and they wanted to show rich and power of my friend … envy lol I came in for him. The avalon was my friends car. he had a little accident “ – he added .

That’s exactly how he wrote the message on his social media

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