Nigerian prophet, Elijah David to travel to China to fight Coronavirus (Video)

There must be wild jubilation in China if they should come across the video of a Nigerian prophet, Dr. Elijah David who said he is going to China to shut down the power of Coronavirus in the country. He affirmed that he will be entering into the Coronavirus infected could try to fight the virus in a spiritual way.

See video below:

According to the man of God, no problem or disease that affects the physical that doesn’t have a solution in the spiritual realm. He was heard saying, I’m going into China in the name of the Lord and I will destroy the power of Coronavirus. The virus must have been caused by the power of darkness, hence, it needs the power of light to drive it out of the land before it penetrates into all countries of the world.

There is no doubt that many Nigerians may find fault in what the man of God is trying to do. But in essence, that is what people at the corridor of spirituality should do. Many times when there is a problem in a country, everyone turns a blind eye to it and waits for men at the corridor of power to proffer solutions to the problem, they forget that everyone also has a bit that they can add to the solution process. The rest of the world where Coronavirus has not been transported to will turn a blind eye and deaf ears to the deadly syndrome until it comes knocking at their door.

Reasonably, if all efforts to find a cure to the virus through professional medical means have proved abortive, why not look find help from other means, preferably the corridor of spirituality. Prophet Elijah affirmed that whatever spirit or power that birth Coronavirus will die by the power in the name of Jesus. He stated that he will be traveling to China to fight the virus.

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