Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah says she almost committed suicide

Eva Alordiah is a Nigerian female rapper and a video director. She just turned 31 years old, she reminisces about life on her birthday and she was very thankful.

She was thankful because of how far she has come. More importantly, she was thankful for not being able to kill herself.

According to her, she battled suicidal thoughts earlier in life. “Apparentlyyyyyy!!!! This is what 31 looks like. 😀It’s been a long walk to get here, from almost taking my own life to being here now, living my life with a single mission to help you live yours better. I am blessed indeed. 
Use me as proof that you can overcome too. The next year is going to be ooooohhhh so good, I am excited for what we will accomplish together.
Thank you for your sweetness, you have made me feel more Alive!
“, she wrote on her social media page.

Eva is a rapper and she is full of life. She is a video director and sometimes she discusses topics that many people would shy away from. Besides rapping, she also a V blogger, and she took on a sexual topic in her last Youtube post.

Check it out below. Yes, she spoke about how to squirt, for females.

Before You Can SQUIRT You Have to DO THIS – How To Squirt, a youtube video by Eva Alordiah.

Eva is now in good spirit, she is focusing on her career and she seems to be making progress.

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