Nigerian Tweeter Explained Why A Friend Cancelled His Wedding

A Nigerian Twitter user with handle @Nnamdianekwe has shared an hilarious story of how his friend cancelled his wedding. In a series of posts shared online, he explained that his unidentified friend discovered that his fiance took his pictures to different shrines and temple.

According to @Nnamdianekwe, the man who stays abroad cancelled the wedding after stumbling on a Whatsapp chat in which the lady told her mother that she took her fiance’s name and photos to a shrine and temple. 

See his post below:

The dream of every man is to get married someday and live forever with that person. However, staying with someone for life can be very difficult especially if one settles down with the wrong person. This and many reasons could be behind what the unknown woman did.

There is no doubt that the population of women outweighs men own. Hence, it becomes very imperative that every woman would do all they can to make that man stay. The silver lining, if any though, is that not all women will be getting married. Interestingly, not all man will get married too.

Reasonably, Life is not fair to everyone equally. This is Africa where people do things for different reasons. One might be very surprised if the woman should reveal the reasons behind her action.

What is your reaction about this? Is this enough for a man to stop his wedding with a woman he claimed to love? If you were the one in such a situation, what would be your reaction? Share your opinion in the comment box below.

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