Nigerian Video Vixen Princess Shyngle got caught stealing someone’s photo

The internet won again and the internet is always watching. Sadly Princess Shyngle thought she would get away with using some else’s picture but she got caught.

She posted a picture and gave her followers the impression that it was her picture. See the picture below.

Here is the picture that she stole

This is the picture she stole.

PrincessShyngle stole the picture from an American model’s page.

Here is where she presented like it’s hers.

Her followers called her out immediately and she deleted the post. She used the picture to ask a question about infidelity.

Princess Shyngle wrote. “They asked why would a man cheat on all this that the problem is me lol. Did y’all ask Jay Z why he cheated on Beyoncé, why did Bill Clinton cheat on Hilary, why did OffSet Cheat on Cardi B , why did Kevin Hart cheat on Eniko , why did Camelo cheat on Lala Anthony, why did Kevin Hunter cheat on Wendy Williams, why did Tristan cheat on Khloe Kardashian, why did your own father cheat on your mother and have bastard children all over your neighborhood, did y’all ask yourselves those questions before coming on my page and typing rubbish“.

She became famous for having the tiniest waist in Africa. She is a model, an actress and video vixen. See her closer picture below.

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