Nigerian woman lay curses on corpse of her husband who died while having sex with side chick (Video)

Men and infidelity, they are almost inseparable. The insatiable nature of man can make them do anything. An unidentified Nigerian woman has placed several curses on the corpse of her dead husband who allegedly kicked the bucket while having sex with a side chick.

In a video retrieved online, the unidentified woman was seen laying curses on the dead body of a man called “Dare”. She stated that the dead man got exactly what he deserved, and his children and wife will survive without him.

See video below:

Meanwhile, Nigeriatunes has earlier reported that a man died after having sex with a prostitute.

Reae here: Nigerian man dies after sex with prostitute (Video)

The two most identified holy books in Nigeria Bible and Quran preached against adultery or fornication. Reasonably, the caution against the act of philandering is for the benefit of men themselves. And there is no gainsaying that the male gender have more adultery and fornication cases than the female gender.

This can not be disjointed from the fact that men are sexually insatiable, there is this undying urge to lay with a woman in every man that is sexually active. Ethics, religion, and self discipline, all these of this things aside, all men will cheat including some of the most respected men of God. Not until a man caution himself and determine in his heart that adultery or fornication is not and will never be an option, philandering nature is just a click away.

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