Nigerians Attack Aisha Buhari, See Why

Aisha Buhari and Governor Yahaya Bello

Nigerians on Twitter have placed Aisha Buhari, the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari under severe attack for kneeling to beg the people of Kogi State to forgive their incumbent governor, Yahaya Bello.

Nigeriatune reports that the First Lady was among the dignitaries that attended the All Progressives Congress mega rally in Lokoja, Kogi state capital. The rally was to solidify Governor Bello’s chances at the polls on Saturday, 16th of November, 2019.

During the rally, the governor of Kaduna state kneeled down and asked the people of the state to forgive the incumbent governor if he has offended them in any way. The First Lady joined him to kneel down to offer the apology to the crowd.

However, Nigerians on Twitter would not let that fly. They have been attacking the First Lady for attending the rally and even kneeling to beg the people to forgive the incumbent governor.

The regime of the governor is reportedly characterized by owing of salaries, insecurity and economic hardship.

Therefore, some Nigerians on Twitter argued that the First Lady who has been very vocal against the ills within the APC shouldn’t have associated herself to such ills.

They made references to instances where Aisha has publicly ‘called out’ the presidency whenever she noticed anything negative in the government.

Others wonder why Aisha and El-rufai did not go to the governor to beg him to rule well when he wasn’t doing well. They questioned why they had to wait till 48 hours to an Election Day to beg the masses to forgive the governor.

Here are a few of the reactions:

@BelloIsPharaoh said: “When people were committing suicide, and family ties were being broken because of hardships and the thuggery-driven governance, Elrufai and Aisha Buhari didn’t issue any statement nor beg Yahaya Bello, now, they are begging the electorates. So shameful on you all.”

@fk149 said: “What Elrufai, Aisha Buhari and Oshiomole are telling Kogi People is Simple; Yaya Bello has failed you, owed Salaries, offended most of you, made costly mistakes, but please forgive him. APC still needs to be In Power in Kogi. It’s all about Power, not the People.”

While @Real_ETM said: “Forgive and forget, Aisha Buhari tells Kogi residents. Non-indigenes that benefits from money meant for Kogi people are pleading with Kogi people to forgive Bello. Wonderful.

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