Nigerians in Coronavirus infected city of Wuhan begs Federal Government to help them return home

A legion of Nigerians in the Coronavirus infected city of Wuhan, China, has pleaded that the Federal Government of Nigeria helps them return home before they get infected. According to the stranded Nigerians, they opined that the Federal Government have forsaken the heart of Coronavirus Territory, while many other citizens of different countries have been taken home by their country Government.

The forsaken Nigerians took to Twitter to call out Nigerian Government to help them return home.

See some tweets below:

China has been marked with a red flag since the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus that hit the city of Wuhan. Since the outbreak hit the city of Wuhan, it has been transported to different continents like Europe and Africa. Over 67,000 cases have been recorded since the virus became a world-threatening epidemic.

Other countries that have their citizens in China have made an arrangement to bring them home. The United Kingdom has dedicated a plane to bring back UK citizens trapped in China. Whereas, Nigerians have been left alone in China to find their way.

Unfortunately, no country wants to attach themselves to China or welcome anyone who resides in China. Reasonably, Manchester United club in England had to quarantine Odion Ighalo after his miraculous loan transfer from his Chinese club to England. The Nigerian star was isolated from mixing with other members of the team due to the fear of Coronavirus.

A call is hereby made to the Federal Government to find a way to bring home Nigerians that are trapped in China before they get infected with the deadly epidemic.

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