Nigerians React After Senate Disclosed That Orji Kalu Will Receive Full Salary Even In Prison

If you are a regular reader from our website, we published a popular post earlier this week about Orji Kalu been given a jail term.

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Following the reportage of the jail news, many Nigerians who had lost hope in the Judicial arm began to change their perception about it.

However, Nigeria is a country where the worst has never been seen, took out another drama earlier yesterday. In another report that almost threw some Nigerians off-balance, the Senate announced that Orji Kalu remains a sitting Senate. Hence, all his remunerations will be paid to him even in prison.

According to the words of the Senate’s spokesperson, Godiya Akwashiki, “Orji Kalu is still a sitting senator and all his entitlements will be paid in full”. He went further, “Until the case has been argued and Kalu is convicted in the Supreme court, Kalu remains a serving lawmaker”.

This news came as a rude shock to the entire nation. Our correspondence got into a chat with some Nigerians on the street of Lagos and these were their comments.

Mr. Adebesin Abiona a civil servant lamented on the poor state of the Constitution. He said that the Senate in their own defense would say that it is constitutional. Whereas, we all know that there are so many things wrong with the Constitution. It is just unfortunate that we find ourselves in the situation, he said.

A trader in the popular Yaba market, Mr. Phillip Akah said “I know it right from the time that something funny will happen. I won’t be surprised if, by tomorrow Orji Kalu is released even without going to the Supreme Court.

While many Nigerians had condemned the justification of the Senate, one Mr. Timothy Adekitan seems not to find a fault in it. According to him, the Senates are lawmakers, they know the Constitution than you and I. This case has only been argued in Federal High Court, the Supreme Court is the most powerful. Let’s all be patient and see the result at the Supreme Court instead of swiftly condemning the Senate, he said.

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