Nigerians to pay an additional nonrefundable fee for Visa

The united state immigration had imposed a visa issuance fee or reciprocity fee on Nigerians seeking Visa to the United States of America. 

In the recent memo made public by the USA Embassy in Abuja, “Effective worldwide on 29 August, Nigerian citizens will be required to pay a visa issuance fee, or reciprocity fee, for all approved applications for nonimmigrant visas in B, F, H1B, I, L, and R visa classifications.”, the agency said.

A reciprocity fee is a fee that will be charged in addition to the nonimmigration visa application fee. This fee is also referred too as the MRV fee. Also, the reciprocity fee is due at the time of the application.

What changed about the USA visa fee?

The new additional reciprocity fee is only applicable if the applicant’s visa is approved.  Those whose applications for a nonimmigrant visa are denied will not be charged the new reciprocity fee, says the agency. 

If the visa is approved, both the Reciprocity and the MRV fee are final, no refund will be issued and the amount will depend on the visa classifications.

United State of America visa fee price breakdown.

Note:  “The reciprocity fee will be required for all Nigerian citizens worldwide, regardless of where they are applying for a nonimmigrant visa to the United States.  The reciprocity fee is required for each visa that is issued, which means both adults and minors whose visa applications are approved will be charged the reciprocity fee.  The fee can only be paid at the U.S” Embassy or the U.S. Consulate General.  The reciprocity fee cannot be paid at banks or any other location”. The US embassy said in a new publication.

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