Nigeria’s spy chief Ayodele Oke suspended for link to $43 m found by EFCC

Director General of National Intelligence Agency of Nigeria, Mr. Ayodele Oke has been suspended by president Buhari due to link to the $43 million stash seized from a residential apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos. It has been confirmed that the $43 million stash seized in a widely trumpeted apartment raid belong to the NIA department lead by Ayodele Oke.


With the help of a tip off by a whistleblower, EFCC found more than $43 million as well as 23.2 million naira (Nigerian currency worth about $76,000) and £27,800 (about $35,000).


According to reports, Mr. Ayodele knew about the raid before it was executed, he instructed the EFCC chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu not to carry out the raid, but Mr. Magu proceeded anyway. After the raid, Mr. Ayodele came forward to claim the money that it belongs his department, he said the money was for an Intelligence project that he could not make public and only top officials knew about it. He also said that president Goodluck Jonathan approved the funds while he was in office.

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