Once I Get To Yankee I’m Heading Straight To The Strippers Club – Nkechi Blessing Is Jealous Of Cardi B

Nkechi Blessing is jealous

Nkechi Blessing is jealous of CardiB she says once she gets to yankee she will head straight to the strippers club.

Nigerian actress nkechi blessing vows to break the Internet. Following the visit of American rapper cardib who was seen spraying naked ladies in the club.

Nkechi blessing has promised to visit a strippers club once she gets to yankee, to retaliate what Cardi B did in lagos.

It is no more news that Cardi B is presently in Nigeria, and her show has just ended. But before then she was in a club spraying strippers bundles of Nigerian currency and carrying their ass. Which has made people ask if she is a lesbian.

However, she is only trying to savour the moment while it last along side Jidenna. But, it seems a Nigerian actress is jealous. Nkechi blessing can’t wait to travel out and visit a stripper club. Probably she wants to see white ladies go naked for her. Why can’t she visit a stripper club in Nigeria?.

Obviously, she wants Nigerian bloggers to make news out of it.
She wrote in vernacular ” Una dey see Cardi B?. When I reach Yankee Nah strippers club I dey go first. Me def go do my own, come wait for useless bloggers to make news out of am. Fucking hypocrite”

What has bloggers done to Nkechi Blessing?. Is she only transferring her aggression caused by jealousy?. Probably bloggers did not report anything negative about Cardi B which is why the actress is angry.

Although, her fans are waiting for her to carry out her promise and break the internet. Since she is already creating an awareness.

The question is how far will she go to carry her threat, will she also join the strippers to go naked?.

See her post below:

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