Nkechi Blessing Says Yes To Her Sugar Daddy! (Must Read)

Nkechi Blessing Says Yes To Her Sugar Daddy!. Nkechi Blessing received an engagement ring from her sugar daddy through DHL a few days ago. And she says a big ”Yes” to the proposal from the 60-year-old sugar daddy.

This is subsequently happening after a few days of receiving a private jet from her sugar daddy. However, the Nollywood actress names her sugar ”Hon. Agbabiaka Arowolo” as energetic at 60.

The proposal’s process, however, shocks Nkechi when she received a call from a stranger to send her home address. According to her, she received the most beautiful engagement ring ever.

She, therefore, accepts the proposal from her sugar daddy even without kneeling down. The 60 years Arowolo said he can not be kneeling down at his age while Nkechi says yes still.

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old actress has three sons with her husband Michael. Did she accept the proposal despite that she is married? Or did her husband allow her? Maybe her marriage is not existing anymore?

Now that she is publicly showing off her relationship with her sugar daddy. Even to the extent of accepting a marriage proposal after receiving a private jet from him. What will happen to her existing marriage and kids?

It is not surprising to see her mention the name of her sugar daddy. The question is, is it the same sugar daddy who got her a private jet?

In her recent post, she says her sugar daddy got her a private jet. Up till this very moment, her fans are yet to see the private jet. Could she be playing pranks?. Probably she wants to increase her fan base.

Additionally, her fans are curious to know if her husband is ok with it. Will she get married to her sugar daddy or not?

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