Dear Pastor Adeboye We Need Factories The Size Of Ibadan Not Churches – Daddy Freeze Writes And Backs It Up With Bible Verses

Daddy Freeze

Popular Nigerian OAP Daddy Freeze has called out Pastor Adeboye, the General Overseer of Redeem Christian church to build factories instead of promising to build a church as big as Ibadan City.

The Pastor Adeboye recently shares a post that no one should believe he is dead until he has built a church as big as Ibadan.

However, OAP Daddy Freeze is not impressed by this he suggest that the pastor should build factories. Since Nigeria has too many churches already, even more than the whites who brought Christianity.

See the post:

Adding that you see about 10 Redeem churches in every street and yet there is so much underdevelopment and hunger among masses and little love.

Furthermore, Daddy Freeze reveals that God doesn’t live in houses built by human hands.

Additionally, Daddy Freezes feels this opinion by Pastor Adeboye is a selfish one. Which is in the same category with witch craft and sexual orgies. He doesn’t see it as a good idea, he feels believers will only turn to beasts of burden.

He didn’t end it there, Daddy Freeze backed his statements with quite a number of Bible verses. It is unbelievable to see Daddy Freeze Quoting different Bible verses just to prove that there is no sense in building churches when the masses are jobless and hungry.

The OAP says the more he thinks about it, the more angrier he gets, knowing that Adeboye want to use 3080 Square metres to build a church. Is it really a church or a business center?.

The country is poverty riddled already, report says Nigeria is poorer than China and India combined together.

Daddy freeze further ask if Pastor Enoch Adeboye can’t be a little creative. Nigeria needs factories not churches, there are too many churches already.

He concluded by saying humans are the church, not the building itself, the church is not the house of God, it is just a building. God doesn’t live in temples built by a man’s hand. Is this true?

See his post below:

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