Ok, post BBNAIJA drama…Venita sees Omashola’s “Sponyoyo’s” statement as sexual harrasment

Venita Akpofure, one of the housemates of the just concluded 2019 Big Brother Reality Show expressed her displeasure with Omashola’s comment. Omashola said something about her during the grand finale on Sunday and she may file a sexual harassment suit if she pleases.

When asked about their romance by Ebuka, Omashola described the actress as “spunyoyo”. Spunyoyo is a slang and it can mean a lot of things. In most cases. it’s used in a sexual comment.

However, Omashola said that “Spunyoyo” is a cartoon character that loves to be stroked on the nose. Although he admitted having feelings for Venita, he said they started off wrongly. As a result, things didn’t work out, hence his comment.

Venita in a post she later deleted replies Omoshola.

She decries the continuous act of women being subjected to sexual, verbal and physical abuse after they say “No” to a romantic relationship. 

Venita thinks Omashola’s comment is a form of sexual harassment. “In Nigeria, where, when a woman says “NO”, she should not be subjected to sexual harassment, physical inappropriateness, verbal or tribal abuses”. Venita wrote on her social media page.

While she did not threaten to file a sexual harassment suit, she may be considering it. A lot of things might have happened off the camera that made her feel like she was sexually harassed. Also, she claimed she was physically and verbally abused.

Unknown to many, Venita is into so many things that include running and dancing etc. Her popularity became visible after appearing in music videos as a vixen.

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