Dj Enimoney to Write The Names of Noise Makers! As Olamide Wants Zero Comment on his post!


Olamide Baddo caused commotion yesterday as he requested for ”zero comment” on his recent post on Instagram. He, therefore, put Dj Enimoney of YBNL in charge of writing the names of noisemakers. 

The Nigerian Rapper, Olamide took to his Instagram to anticipate his song ”Shoko Milo” to be released tomorrow. He, however, say ”Zero comment and I’ll drop the song.. @djenimoney write name of noise makers. When I’m back here I hope I get zero comment cause wanna share the song with you guys. Make una no fuck up o! E get why!!! #ChokoMilo # SetAwonJayZ”

Olamide Baddo caused commotion

Is this possible, when it comes to a global artist like Olamide better known as Baddo?. In relation to this, the comment box is full of comics. 

Furthermore, many comments are flying. Different reactions everywhere!  Comments are in the guise to obey Olamide’s instruction. 

In the same vein, the Nigerian superstar singer, Wizkid also tried to silence the fan’s comments. He says ”All of u delete your comment!! Shey eyin werey O gbo Oyinbo ni”. 

Wizkid’s comments have brought multiple reactions from the fans. While the moderator, Dj Enimoney of YBNL is trying to control the violations. 

Wizkid’s comment and replies

Meanwhile, it is absolutely impossible to obey Baddo’s rule of no comment. Every comment is an intrusion, lol. Including the moderator’s and others. 

As a result of this, we don’t know what Olamide’s reaction would be, as the rule is violated. He might decide not to release the single anymore. 

Yet it is lively to see the comments running, and await the consequences from Olamide. 

Olamide is a living icon!

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