Oluwo of Iwo Land announces separation from his Jamaican wife

Oluwo and ex-queen Chanel

Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, the Oluwo of Iwo land has announced the separation from his Jamaica Queen, Chanel Chin.

The King however, made this public announcement on his Instagram page that Chanel Chrn is a ex-queen of the Oluwo. Adding that she should not be address as his Queen hence.

Although he did not state the cause of their separation and many are worried as to what the reason might be.

Knowing how much the couple loved each other, now their marriage has finally hit the rock.

Knowing fully well that Emperor Telu as he is fondly called is a 1st class king, same as his ex-queen. Channel is historically Africa’s first Jamaican Queen.

Oluwo of Iwo land wrote on his Instagram page that:
“Ms Chanel Chin is an ex-queen of Oluwo. This is to inform the general public especially friends and close associates of Iwo Land. His Royal Majesty Oba Abdurasheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu 1 that Ms Chanel Chin is an ex-queen of Oluwo.
This information is necessary for the attention of the general public to avoid representation on proxy or accordance of respect attached to the sacred stool of Oluwo to her.
For personal Irreconcilable differences Chanel Chin ceased to be his majesty’s queen. We equally enjoin the public to disregard any business transaction of requests if her using the office of his majesty. We wish her the best in her new journey”. The chief press secretary submitted.

Though the reason for the separation between the traditional ruler and his ex-wife, a Jamaican who had a boy named Oduduwa for him could not be ascertained. Since the chief press said it is a irreconcilable difference between Chanel and the King.

Oluwo before now, was always displaying affection for his wife. Even though Chanel revealed that she will be sad if the king Married another wife.

Contrary to Yoruba tradition and to the protests of his chiefs, he took a step, married and crowned a Jamaican as his Queen.

But all that is over now as was confirmed in a statement issued by the the Chief Press Secretary of Oluwo Palace on Sunday.

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