OPC Member Allegedly Kills Man in Lagos

An unidentified member of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) on Wednesday 18th December, allegedly killed a 25-year-old man simply identified as Daniel at Cele street at Volks bus stop along the Badagry expressway. It was reported that the suspect is a member of the vigilante group guarding the community where the victim lives.

Reports revealed that Daniel started having trouble with the watchman on Monday, December 16th after he was returning from an outing late at night. According to reports, he was challenged by the OPC member which resulted in a tongue battle between the duo before the victim returned to his house that night.

However, on Wednesday 18th December, while the deceased was in his house in the company of friends. It was reported that the girlfriend of the deceased called him which prompted him to go outside to take the call. Probably if he had picked the call inside his house – he would still be alive. After Daniel stepped out of his house, he saw the head of the vigilante group.

See video from the scene below

He must have thought it was a nice opportunity for him to report to the boss what happened between him and one of his officers. While Daniel was narrating what transpired between him and one of the OPC members to the leader of the security group, the suspect accused Daniel of telling lie against him.

Out of anger, the suspect threatened to shoot Daniel should he continue to tell lie against him. This in return got the victim infuriated, he told the suspect that he can’t shoot him. Maybe, just maybe Daniel thought it was an empty threat. Sad to note, the suspect executed his threat before those at the scene could swallow the spit in their mouths. He shot the victim straight in the chest.

Subsequently, the suspect fled the crime scene immediately. Ever since he has been on the run. He was however arrested after the matter was reported to the Ojo Police Command. However, it was reported that the suspect has been released on bail.

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