Parent force their son to perform spiritual work with candle and fire to burn out the spirit of Homosexuality

A family believes that their son has a spirit of homosexuality. As a result, they forced him to perform spiritual work at the church to burn out the spirit of homosexuality.  

The family attends a white garment church and it’s common for worshipers to give revelations to other people and the next step is what they call a spiritual work.  

The spiritual work is an attempted to do certain rituals that will burn out the spirit.  In this person’s case, they tied a couple of candles together and they lit it with fire. The candle burned during the spiritual work and the hot wax from it burned him on his head and body.  

The person shared the pictures on Facebook. He wrote” Last night my family took me to a church in an attempt to burn out the spirit of homosexuality from me “

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