Pastor Alph Lukau blames the media for the hoax resurrection and ask media to retract headlines

Pastor Alph

He claimed that he did not claim that he raised the dead. Although the video shows him performing the miracle in his church, he denied it.  He said that people just formed their own interpretation to what they saw on the video. They wrote it and did not think of what they were doing, he said to his congregation. 

Media wrote “ Almost every headline said Pastor Alph claimed that he resurrected a man who had died, now I am asking whoever wrote it, tell me where did I claim it. if you believe that i claimed it fine, show me a video a text, tell me where did you get that. If you can not tell me that, please for dignity sake, retract it. This is a simple call for dignity, because with this, so many people took it as a truth, bible truth.

God anointed me I don’t need to play tricks, before that call came, we have so many healing already. Most of the media houses wrote it they’re not thinking that they are writing a story of a person.

Many people bring dead people during the week, what do we do, we counsel them. If they took 5 or 10 minutes to go through the video, the sound is there, you will see pastor Alph saying he is breathing, there is someone out there that is alive.

He claimed that people lied and said that lies may take the lift but the truth take the steps. I am not blaming the mortuary but I am saying we will understand this. He claimed that the articles circulating are false. The church lawyer has pointed out the consequences as a result of the incorrect identification of this matter emphasizes the power of the media. We are asking that people report things correctly. You don’t abuse power because you have it” – Pastor Alph.

He did not deny what happened in the video, he only said that the reporter did not verify what they reported and he blamed the media for the hoax resurrection. Even though he performed the miracle saying, “ Rise “ to the man lying in the coffin. 

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